How long does delivery take?
Depending on various factors such as the proximity and influx of orders the processing of your order and delivery can take up to 5 working days.

What grade are Blaque Whine Beauty wigs?
We source the highest quality of grade 12A Brazilian hair for all our wigs.

Do we do lay-byes?
Unfortunately due to the nature of our business we do not accept lay-byes.

Do we sell water wave curls?
You can style any of our curly wigs using water, mousse and holding sprat to create a wet look.

Can our wigs be coloured?

Yes our wigs can be coloured. We suggest that you take them to a trusted professional for coloring.

How are Blaque Whine Beauty wigs made?

We sell wigs that are handmade to perfections.

Do we sell for resellers?

Yes we do. Resellers can contact us for bulk buying (more than 15 wig at a time).

Does one need glue to wear a Blaque Whine Beauty wig?

All our lace front wigs are glueless wigs and do not need glue to be worn but glue is optional

How does sizing work on Blaque Whine Beauty wigs?

All our wigs are one size fits all with either a snug elastic belt or adjustable straps.

Can I return my wig?

Please refer to our Return policy for an in-depth understanding.

Can I change the parting on my wig?

Yes you can change the parting on all our frontal wigs to any place your desire between your ears and you can change our 3 part wig parting to any of the 3 partings provided.

Does your eyewear have prescription lenses?

No, our eyewear lenses are not prescription. The frame can however be used for prescription lenses. We are able to provide you with the frame specifications. We do suggest you consult your optometrist before purchasing, if you intend on using our frames to fit prescription lenses.